Camí de Ronda

2-3 DAYS
1080 total points

Riding around in a bus from town to town, or a crowded metro car really can get boring- very quickly. And if you are visiting during the summer, it can get even worst as the heat gets unbearable to be that close to someone for too long. Why not take a few days away from the city and enjoy the Camí de Ronda. Originally was used as a path by the police of Spain to try and stop drug trafficking across the Costa Brava. Now it is a free walking path that you can go along the coast and see and enjoy some incredible little calas and towns. While the route is not difficult, and can be accomplished year around, by all ages- be aware that the distance can be quite daunting. There are multiple routes and companies that assist you online if you look for them. But we will provide some of the main sights and towns to see along your way and generally some of the towns that we think you should stop at. Starting in Sant Feliu de Guíxols and ending in Begur, the total distance is just over 40 km or just over 25 miles. We recommend breaking it down to at least two days and if you have the time, maybe three.

Sant Feliu de Guixols, Sant Feliu de Guíxols - Kinto

Sant Feliu de Guixols

60 points

Starting in the beautiful town of Sant Feliu de Guixols, you are going to want to give yourself about 7 hours of hiking time. If you are coming from Barcelona, it is about an hour and a half drive or two and a half hours by bus. So either plan to stay the night in Sant Feliu de Guixols or start early! You should also realize that these 7 hours won’t include breaks or stopping to take a swim or eat. So that is already a pretty packed day! And finally, make sure you bring plenty of water too if you are doing this trip in the summer. If you plan out your day, please be aware of when the sun will be most hot- when you shouldn’t be hiking! You will start in Sant Feliu but the route doesn’t really become prominent until S’Arago, where it directly goes onto the coast.

Platja d’Aro, Platja d'Aro - Kinto

Platja d’Aro

90 points

Platja d’Aro is one of the biggest towns that you will see along this route. Make sure you are stocking up on any snacks or water that you need! Because it is an international and resort town, there will be a lot of modern shopping, cuisine, and other things to do. It is a fun little town to take a few minutes break and enjoy the view and crowds on the beaches This area was ruled by the Romans at one time and there is a fortified castle and church a few kilometers inland if you are interested in taking a little detour. If you brought your swim suit with you, there are a lot of coves and areas that can be explored in the water. We would absolutely suggest that you don’t forget those in Barcelona! Don’t waste too much time though; we still have a lot to go!

Palamos, Palamós - Kinto
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120 points

Continuing on the path, Palamos is one of the towns that is suggested for people to stay at for the first night. It is a bit bigger than Platja d’Arlo and actually has a full-sized harbor for boats. Palamos offers some incredible views and you should be sure that your camera or phone is fully charged for this part of the hike. Filled with little calas and other areas to explore- Palamos has everything you need! If you are interested, there are some fishing activities across the town and even a fishing museum that you can visit in the evening. This area is also known for it’s wine, and after a long day of hiking, I believe that you may need that glass of wine! Or if you are continuing on and resting someone else- maybe just a glass to make the rest of the journey a little more bearable.

Castell-de-Sant-Esteve-de-Mar, Palamós - Kinto


130 points

Starting up again in the morning might be a bit difficult, especially if you went on the wine tour in Palamos! But beginning with something as cool (at least to me) as a castle will put you in the right mood to continue on the path! This castle was built on top of the Roman ruins and had been first mentioned in writings in the 1000s! The castle has of course seen better days, but with something that is that old- it is amazing that it is still standing! Overlooking the water, this defensive position can see everything. This day of the Cami de Ronda is going to be more difficult than the first one. It is longer and the elevation is a bit more challenging. Be aware of this and be sure that before you really leave Palamos that you have everything you need for a full day’s hike.

Phare de Sant Sebastià, Llafranc - Kinto
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Phare de Sant Sebastià

140 points

Built in the 1800s, the view from this lighthouse can give you some incredible views of the coastline. Although the original tower was dismantled, and the current tower was built in its place in the 1960s. The lighthouse has of course changed over the years, for example it originally had to house and staff the workers that would maintain and use the lighthouse to warn ships. However, with automation- their positions were no longer necessary. In all, the lighthouse stands at a whopping 167 meters or 548 feet above sea level. And it’s area of light is one of the best along the entire Costa Brava. For this reason, it remains an important historical, cultural, and practical site to see. The local wine here is of really good quality. What do you think- can maybe a bottle or two fit into your travel and hiking bag for a few more kilometers?

Platja Cala Aiguablava, Begur - Kinto
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Platja Cala Aiguablava

140 points

If for whatever reason you haven’t gotten into the water yet, Platja Cala Aiguablava is the spot to do it already. The name means literally “blue water”, this place is incredible. No wonder this area is known as some of the best diving areas in the Costa Brava. We know a compressed air tank or scuba fins maybe a bit too much to carry along the 40 kms or so. But once you make it to Aiguablava, make sure you at least brought a snorkel. What I personally enjoy about the beaches here is that they are fine sand beaches. Of course, it might be a bit picky, but there is nothing like fine sand and cool water after a long day hike. At least, compared to that feeling of a long hike and rocky shores! You are also most there! The next experience is the end point for this challenge!

Begur, Begur - Kinto


100 points

The end all be all of the trip is going to Begur, although it is a little bit more inland from the coast and is notable higher up in the hills- this town has some great history. The little town has a Roman history just like the other towns, but it also has some of the best beaches nearby along the Costa Brava. The castle in the town has been around since the 16th century. If you are managing to do your hike in November, be sure to check out whenever the town’s festival is and plan your trip around that. It is also up to you after you have reached Begur, you can head back to Barcelona, spend the night in Begur or if you are really up for a challenge- look into the Cami de Ronda route that circles back. Don’t forget to drink water after two days of hiking!