Eternal summer

2-3 DAYS
500 total points

It combines the climate of the Mediterranean, a sea of multiple colors and much, much free space, to stand on the fine sand or do whatever you want. Did you know that you can find all this a few kilometers from Barcelona? Well, come with us to explore the Costa Dorada and discover some beautiful places in Catalonia. Taking advantage of the fact that the Costa Brava takes center stage, we propose you to unveil less visited, quieter beaches with equally fascinating landscapes, to the south of Barcelona. If you sign up for this challenge, you can visit up to six beaches located between Sitges and Tarragona. Most of them with clear edges, with hardly any interruption, where you can take long walks, play ball or paddles and choose the best place to enjoy your sun and sea baths. Entonces, coge la crema solar, la toalla y las chancletas y prepárate para vivir momentos de aquellos que se quedan para siempre en la memoria.

Beaches of Altafulla and Tamarit, Tarragona - Kinto

Beaches of Altafulla and Tamarit

90 points

Whether as a family, as a couple, with friends, with children, with dogs or even alone, the beaches of Altafulla and Tamarit are perfect to enjoy the summer. Even more if you like those wide and calm coastal strips, with an endless horizon and spaces to lose sight of. Only Altafulla beach is more than 1 000 meters long. It is also connected to Tamarit beach. It is even possible to walk from the extremity of one to the limit of the other. In both the tips, there are restaurants and other services. Between the two, you will find the mouth of the river Gaià and, after Tamarit, the castle of the same name. By the way, Altafulla and Tamarit are towns of medieval origin, located in the municipality of Tarragona, a city that was one of the main cities of "Hispania" during the Roman Empire. So you can take advantage of the visit to also make some historical discoveries.

The three beaches of Torredembarra, Tarragona - Kinto

The three beaches of Torredembarra

90 points

Did you find the previous beaches extensive? Well, you should know that in Torredembarra you can skirt the coast for almost four kilometers, without even a barrier, starting at La Paella beach, crossing the Barri Marítim beach and reaching the end of Els Muntanyans beach, or vice versa. To have a better idea, it takes more than an hour to do the whole journey between them. And there are many people who do it. In addition to walking along the shore, there you can also play, run, swim or stretch to sunbathe, to read, to appreciate the sea ... On these beaches as wide as they are long, the options of activities are proportional to the space. And there are various services available to visitors, from restaurants and public restrooms to showers and wooden walkways that allow people with some physical disability to get closer to the sea. However, it is valid to say that most of the restaurants are concentrated in the first two beaches (La Paella and Barri Marítim), which have urbanization behind them. The area of Els Muntanyans is already surrounded by a space of natural interest and, as it is more reserved, it is usually more frequented by nudists, although the practice is optional.

Cala Xica, Sant Pere de Ribes - Kinto

Cala Xica

120 points

Nestled in the Serra dels Paranys and half hidden behind the cliffs of this part of the coast, the cove Xica is a small preciousness. A perfect corner to complete this challenge relativizing your concept of space, because, despite the small size of this strip, there is often a place near the shore to do what you want. Even in the summer season, at times, it is possible to find this area completely deserted. Have you imagined having a beach just for you? But this prize has a price: to get there, if you transfer by public transport, you have to walk for about 40 minutes from the Vilanueva and Geltru station. And even if you drive, you have to park, cross the train line on foot and go down a narrow and slippery path. On the other hand, the views from the high rocky outcrops that surround this beach make it worth the effort, as well as the bathing in its calm and crystal clear waters. And of course all this challenge only adds charm to the experience, turning each moment into scenes of an unforgettable summer, eternalized forever in your memories.