Free spirits

2-3 DAYS
370 total points

For lovers of freedom, even a large metropolis like Barcelona, at times, may seem small. Do you feel like moving and feeling free like the air? Do you want to discover more natural and peaceful spots in the city and its surroundings? Well, come with us to meet this challenge. You are invited to get lost in the largest forest park in the city, to discover vestiges of a drowned town in the vicinity of Barcelona and to contemplate the Catalan capital from beautiful gardens. If you want to avoid the urban mess and get carried away by nature, this three-day route is perfect for you. In addition, in each of the recommended sites, you will find various suggestions for activities or points to visit. After all, you are a free spirit and you can decide for yourself the best way to enjoy the city.

Parque de Collserola, Barcelona - Kinto
AdventureParks & gardens

Parque de Collserola

90 points

How about starting a bike route in the middle of an immense forest? Or do you prefer to hike and discover a 10th century hermitage or the ruins of a 6th century castle? Maybe you just want to sit down and appreciate a reservoir nestled in the undergrowth. Or maybe it makes you more excited to admire a 23 meter pine that is more than 230 years old. All that you can do in the Collserola Park. Here you are free to choose where and how you want to mobilize, since this forest park - the largest in Barcelona - has more than eight thousand hectares of green areas and many itinerary options. Also, there are several emblematic sites that you can get to know in the area, such as the Hermitage of San Medir, the swamp of Can Borrell, the Pi d'en Xandriand the Castell Ciuró

Pantà de Sau, Barcelona - Kinto
AdventureSecretParks & gardens

Pantà de Sau

110 points

Kayaking or an electric boat, paddle surfing or trekking, swimming or sunbathing are just some of the options you have in the Pantano de Sau (Pantà de Sau in Catalan). The truth is that, whatever the activity you choose, it's worth stopping for a while to admire a curious detail that emerges in the middle of the water: the bell tower of the church of San Román de Sau, the most visible of the flooded village that lies under this swamp. In times of drought you can even see more houses and other sunken treasures of the old village. On the other hand, during the whole year it is possible to observe the beautiful landscapes around, formed by wooded mountains and the great colorful escarpments of the Guilleries mountain range. If you are passing through Barcelona, it is best to rent a car to go there.

Laribal Gardens and Greek Theater Gardens, Barcelona - Kinto
Panoramic viewsParks & gardens

Laribal Gardens and Greek Theater Gardens

70 points

It's time to raise your point of view and look at Barcelona from above, as if you were a bird and could fly. From the terraces of the Laribal gardens and the Greek Theater you can contemplate unforgettable views of the city. Spaces of beauty and tranquility in the mountain of Montjuïc, these gardens are perfect to walk, play, picnic or just sit and chat, read or hear the birds while you admire the fountains, pergolas and sculptures of those spaces. Now, it's good to know that in the summer season the Greek Theater becomes the main stage of the traditional Grec Festival, which brings together music, theater, dance, circus and many spectators. So you have autonomy to choose the best time you want to enjoy these dream gardens. After all, freedom takes you inside you.