Kayaking and Paddling Areas

2-3 DAYS
620 total points

If you are like us, then you really do not feel comfortable on solid land. You need to be on the open water, or you only feel comfortable with the waves surrounding you. This challenge is built for those that can’t get enough of outdoor activities and aren’t afraid to get a little wet. Now these experiences are not going to be extreme and they are not designed to be for experts only. The waters of the Mediterranean are pretty calm and once you are away from the coast, there really is not a lot of movement on the water. No wonder surfing was not started here! After looking over some of these experiences, you might realize that there is a lot of overlap. A lot of our challenges are based around water activities and the small towns surrounding Barcelona. So, whenever you are in the area- be sure to check them out!

Calella de Palafrugell, Palafrugell - Kinto
BeachKayak & Paddle

Calella de Palafrugell

100 points

As you enter Calella de Palafrugell you will first notice that it is really old town. Marketed as an ancient fishing town, this little Catalan pueblo has been around for quite a bit and it has that small town feeling. This is also a casual reminder that if a place markets itself as an ancient fishing town, you better believe the fish are to die for! Choosing to kayak or paddle this area is a no brainer, the proximity to the town and the beautiful calas that surround it offer the visitor a great combination of coastal towns and natural setting. There are multiple services that you can find individually, or you can even book a few that provide transportation to and from Barcelona. Which can be quite convenient since the drive is about an hour and a half in a car or two and a half hours by bus.

Barcelonetta, Barcelona - Kinto
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40 points

Normally we caution you to stay away from Barcelonetta as much as we can, it is overcrowded with tourists, overpriced and noisy. However, there are some great services in the area that you can explore for kayaking and paddling options. It gets you away from everyone, on the water and you can see the city from a different view. What is nice about this experience is that it will be close to where ever you are in Barcelona. But also, that you can do it in the early morning or evening whenever you are free. The city really is incredible whenever the streets are barren, and people haven’t woken up yet. Start your morning right, get an early start with a "pa amb tomàque" and paddle on the water before it gets too hot. Be warned that the water may be a bit colder than normal, the earlier you start!

Sitges, Sitges - Kinto
BeachKayak & Paddle


60 points

Sitges is our next stop since it is close to Barcelona and has a great small town but with big opportunity vibes. If you can’t tell by now, this is one of our favorite towns to get out of Barcelona and see. It has pretty much everything that you would want, without the huge crowds. This is equally true whenever you get out on the water. Paddling around Sitges will give you a view of the city and the Costa Brava from the water. One of the most reliable agencies to rent kayaks and to book tours however are not located on the Platja de Sant Sebastià, so be sure to make your way down to the other end of the promenade to Punta de les Anquines. This will also get you away from the buildings and a more natural feel too as you explore the surrounding hidden little calas.

Lloret de Mar, Girona - Kinto
BeachKayak & Paddle

Lloret de Mar

100 points

Lloret de Mar has been a popular attraction for quite some time now. So be aware that it could take some time to find parking or to get a cheap hotel. Your best bet in our opinion is to simply do it in a day trip. The drive is only an hour by car and an hour and a half by public transportation. Because of this, you can get there early in the morning before the sun gets too hot and after sun set you can be on your way back to Barcelona. The town is a coastal town, so everything you would want to see and do are all around the water. Take a paddle or kayak along the coast and you can see the picturesque Castell de Sant Joan over looking the water. Just a bit past this, you can find the coast of the Punta d'en Rosaris.

Tarragona, Tarragona - Kinto
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90 points

I don’t know about you, but when I think of paddling or kayaking on the Mediterranean, I suppose I don’t immediately think of the Roman empire. But why shouldn’t I? That is one of the best parts about traveling around the Mediterranean, there are vestages of the empire everywhere! In Tarragona, you can paddle from the shore and get an incredible view of one of the main Roman cities on the Iberian Peninsula during the height of their empire. The Amfiteatre de is located right on the water can really make you feel like you are back in ancient times! So, jump on a train for a day trip, grab you paddle and let’s have an adventure! If you can squeeze in a few moments in between paddling in Tarragona for the rest of the city, it will be well worth it! It is about 45 minutes south of Barcelona.