Best Instagram spots in Paris

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Paris is a dream destination for many, and rightly so, the ‘City of Love’ has a je ne sais quoi, that leaves one smitten with its cute little cafes, delectable viennoiseries, decades-old cultural icons and the Renaissance architectures’ old-fashioned charm. We are the ‘internet generation’ for us vacations aren’t just about letting our hair down. It’s also about getting a fabulous shot while doing so, and Paris is the perfect backdrop! The ‘fashion capitale’ is one of the go-to Instagram-able places in the world! So, get your beret on, take out your phones and click away! We’ve listed 6 conventional and not-so-conventional spots that will get you the #vacaygoals shots you are looking for. Let’s get started! Insider Tip: Better click pictures early in the morning (6:00 a.m to 8:00 a.m) to avoid the crowds, especially if you will use it professionally as a blogger, photographer or Instagrammer.

Saint Sulpice fountain, Paris - Kinto

Saint Sulpice fountain

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This is the first destination in your itinerary. A stone’s throw away from the Eglise Saint Sulpice is this hidden beauty. The fountain sports four majestic roaring lions spouting water, atop them sits four famous religious personalities from the 17th century. The fountain is located in the centre of a spacious square and hence is perfect for both long and close shots! It’s in a non-touristy neighbourhood and hence you never find too many people here, even if you land bang in the middle of the afternoon! It would be the perfect shot to flaunt some french architecture and history.

#instacute façade near Saint Michel, Paris - Kinto

#instacute façade near Saint Michel

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The appeal of this street lies in the unusual facades of its buildings. It’s not too far away from the Seine; you can get a click, enjoy a quick espresso and a croissant at one of the cafes nearby and then leisurely stroll down the quai de la Seine to enjoy a perfect Parisian morning! We recommend donning a typically Parisian ensemble, complete with a beret to compliment the setting, which is as Parisian as it comes!

Cherry blossoms at the Jardin des Plantes, Paris - Kinto

Cherry blossoms at the Jardin des Plantes

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Home to more than 3000 species of plants, this botanical garden provides the perfect backdrop! You have rows of tulips, lattice arcs covered with flowers, and the ‘Grande Galerie de l'Évolution’ as for background choices to play with. While these are all amazing settings, nothing beats the beauty of cherry blossoms! It wins hands down! Stand amidst a sea of pink petals, and get your picture-perfect shot. These trees are at ground level and hence look like a huge cave made of flowers. What’s not to love, really? This spot guarantees flawless frames every time!

Colourful backdrop of rue Cremieux, Paris - Kinto

Colourful backdrop of rue Cremieux

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We’ll admit, this is one of the conventional spots in Paris for Instagram-friendly photos, but it’s definitely worth going to! While most of the city is a picturesque collection of beige and grey, this street is a beautiful change in the setting with its vibrant hues. It’s also good to dole out a bit of history in your caption. Get this; this street was originally developed to provide housing to the workers. Today it’s a pedestrian-only street located in a quaint corner of the 12th arrondissement. We would get here early to get the best short, as they say, an early bird catches the worm or in this case, the best Instagram picture! #doitforthegram

A click at Trocadero Square, Paris - Kinto

A click at Trocadero Square

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You can’t go to Paris and not have a click of the Eiffel Tower; it almost a crime to ignore this marvel of architecture! Now, of course, you can take a picture up close at the Eiffel Tower, but there is something beautiful about having it stand tall along with a panoramic view of the city. At Trocadero Square, you can even make a day of it! Palais de Tokyo, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Musée des Égouts are amongst the many museums in the vicinity. You can get a view of the city and then go explore its rich culture. If you are travelling with kids, you should definitely go visit the Paris Aquarium after a happy family picture!

The carousel of Saint Pierre, Paris - Kinto

The carousel of Saint Pierre

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Vacations are all about connecting with yourself, we say go a step further and connect with your inner child! Paris has twenty beautifully ornate carousels sitting pretty along its lanes and one such beauty lays atop a ‘butte’ at Montmarte. Get in the queue with ecstatic children waiting for their turns and partake in what’s a quintessential Parisian childhood favourite and the simple joys that came with it. Once on, take a quick selfie having the time of your life!